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Lead Roofing and Leadwork Dundee

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Lead Roofing is one of the oldest and most durable materials in the roofing industry, and is still one which is used across the world today due to its positive properties.

Offering a traditional form of roof covering, lead roofing in Dundee is an ideal solution for buildings with heritage values or those governed by stringent building control requirements. However, due to its excellent qualities, lead is also now a regular feature on new developments and it is rare you would visit a building without any lead qualities.

The DM Roofing team is highly skilled in the installation of lead, including within existing roofing. This includes lead flat roofs and cladding, lead valleys, chimney base leadwork, lead work, repairs, flashings, soakers, abutments, pipework lead sleeves and lead box gutters.

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Lead Roofing and Leadwork Dundee