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Roof Inspections Dundee

How much do you know about the condition of your roof?

Roof Survey & Inspection Dundee

If you are unsure about the condition of your roof or you are preparing to buy a property which hasn’t had a roof inspection done it makes financial sense to have an expert from DM Roofing carry out a detailed assessment.

Our experienced roof inspections team are qualified to carry out surveys of all types of roofs. We have a vast range of clients for roof inspections covering both residential and commercial property.

Have the roof surveyed before you buy a property

If you are in the property market and don’t want to get hit with unexpected repair costs make sure to book your roof inspection through us. The cost of replacing a roof can be very expensive and time consuming so don't get caught out. Our detailed roof inspection report will include details of any small issues to be fixed and allowing you to prevent them from becoming much larger problems in the future.

A pre-purchase roof inspection survey costs £120.00 (excl. VAT). We can answer any questions you have and schedule a visit by one of our roofing experts. Call us today!

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Roof Inspections Dundee