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Traditional Scotch Slating

Carrying on a Scottish tradition

We are incredibly proud of our Scottish heritage, and that is represented with our services with a specialist offering for working with and on traditional Scotch slate roofs dundee.

Many traditional Scottish buildings have roofs that are covered with local slate or stone. These small and thick Scottish slates were produced in a variety of lengths and widths are laid with the largest slates at the base of the roof, with the smaller ones at the top. It made best use of all the material produced and resulted in the unique roofscapes we have today in Scotland.

When a roof needs to be repaired Scottish slate has a good reputation as a long lasting and durable material. Many slates have been shown to have a service life of 150 years or more. In achieving this, their fixings and support requires repair and maintenance which we can offer you.

We recommend regular inspections of slate roofs to spot any potential problems as soon as they appear. This is especially important as slate has not been quarried in Scotland since the 1950s, so supplies of slate for matching repair and replacement are becoming very scarce.

Regular repair is the best way to eke out the currently limited resource of Scottish Slate and ensure that existing roof coverings will remain watertight and continue to perform well.

Traditional Scotch Slating Image

Traditional Scotch Slating